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AAA HVAC Services specializes in Residential and Commercial HVAC solutions.  AAA HVAC Services is a leading Northern Virginia residential and commercial HVAC contractor with over 13 years experience in the field.  Rated A by the Better Business Bureau and an A rated Contractor on Angie’s list, you can rest assure that your getting professional quality work everytime.  We value your business and want to continue providing you A grade service.

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If your Air conditioner needs to have R22 refrigerant added every year or so, the EPA has made it very expensive to purchase R22 for hvac contractors. The reason for this is R22 contains Chlorine which causes the ozone depletion. R22 is a greenhouse gas and it greatly contributes to the global warming issues many of us are seeing these days. The EPA has for a few years now already introduced a newer type of refrigerant that is much cleaner for the environment and all newly made HVAC systems require this type of refrigerant, it is called R410A.

So how does this affect you? Well for starters, each year all contractors will increasingly charge anywhere from $100-$200 per lb of refrigerant added. The average compressor can take if fully empty approximately 6-7 lbs to fill up completely, so that would cost you roughly $600-$700 just to add refrigerant. By year 2015 the Montreal Protocol requires the US to reduce R22 production by 90% and by 2020 a reduction will be made by 99.5%. So imagine how much you would be paying in a few years to add R22 refrigerant, it will be outrageous.

The solution is easy, switch to R410A because #1 it is much cleaner for the environment, #2 you will save thousands over time by switching now versus later and #3 the cost to add R410A refrigerant is far less in cost if needed. So don’t waste time, invest into switching your hvac system over to an R410A system.




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