"AAA HVAC techs were nice. They identified that my A/C wasn't working because of a blown emergency cut-off that was keeping power from the unit. They could have easily said that this was a job for an electrician, charged me for the service, and left. But they went out of their way to help me replace the emergency shut off switch and test my unit after to make sure everything was okay. It's this kind of customer service that many companies lack and I salute these guys for helping me out when they could've simply walked away.
- Don K., Arlington, VA - September 5, 2012

"I needed a new furnace and rec'd a quote from another company first then remembered seeing a Groupon notice for AAA so I called and they were having a special on furnaces and I went with them because 1) they were considerably less for the comparable service, 2) they came the next weekend which was great because it's getting cold. The installers were prompt, knowledgeable and didn't leave a mess. I'm very satisfied with the service and furnace!"
- Kim C., District Heights, MD - November 5, 2012

"We are very happy with the quality of service and customer service. Our house is much cooler now. This service was completed a year ago and the cooling is still great."
- Raphael R., Ashburn, VA - July 12, 2012

"I used AAA HVAC Services for air conditioning repair at my home.  They were very responsive to me and they came to my residence right away. I was happy with the quality of work I received."
- Tony P., Alexandria, VA - July 6, 2012

"Replaced refrigerant in A/C, recommended new permanent filters, and explained the cooling process.  Quick response, pleasant attitude and discussed all options available. Spent time explaining in easy to understand detail about the issues surrounding our A/C. EXTREMELY happy with this company and the services that they performed! HIGHLY recommend them to meet all you cooling and heating needs!"
- Rudy G., Aldie, VA - July 5, 2012

"Our Air conditioning was not working well on one side of the house, especially upstairs. AAA HVAC Serviced our Air Conditioning and improved its functioning. My house is now much cooler! AAA HVAC did a great job. Thank You!!"
- Anuradha S., Aldie, VA - July 5, 2012

"I had AAA HVAC Services come out to clean my furnace, inspect and clean my air conditioner, and replace the fluid in the air conditioner. I thought they were professional and would use them again in the future."
- Yvette K., Arlington, VA - June 2, 2012

"We had a half price deal for a furnace cleaning. Normally it would have been $75. They were very good, very professional, got there on time and I was very happy with them"
- Michael M., Middleburg, VA - April 22, 2012

"I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled the installation of our new HVAC system. Sean and Alex took the time to explain the benefits of some improvements to our HVAC system with full detail.  There was a great deal attention to detail, Thank you for the excellent service, I will happily recommend AAA HVAC Services to others."
- Joan C., Arlington, VA - April 15, 2012

Thanks for the quick, friendly, thorough, and educational service Alex! You are definitely our new guy! We will recommend you to everyone we know!
- Erica M., Falls Church, VA - March 16, 2012

Thank you guys for a fantastic install of our new furnace and air conditioner. Much quieter system than our old one.
- Mike W., Manassas, VA - February 4, 2012

"I decided to replace my heat pump system and was referred to AAA for hvac work through a friend. After getting the estimate I called around and compared other quotes and decided to stick with AAA due to cost overall. They came out next day and did a professional job in removing and putting in the new systems. Overall very happy with the work and service received." - Syed I., Herndon, VA – September 5, 2011

“So my wife and I came home on a Sunday evening around 7 PM. We enter the house and noticed it was very warm. We kick on the air and then after an hour the temperature was the same. At that point, I go online to look up HVAC service companies to come out and check out our problem. I called 4 different places to get quotes. Out of the 4, I got 3 call backs and Shawn from AAA HVAC was the first to call. I spoke to all 3 and the costs were relatively similar. To be honest, my wife and I were expecting Monday morning as the fix time. But Shawn said I could have a guy out to you in half an hour. Now I don't know if that's always the standard, but sure enough, one of his guys was here about 35 minutes later. He assessed the problem, showed me what was wrong, then let me know how he would fix it. About an hour and half later, we were up and running and the house was cooling down quickly.  Thanks to the folks at AAA HVAC for taking such good care of us on a Sunday evening! By the way, there was no additional charge for coming out on a Sunday or later in the evening. What more could we have asked for!  I highly recommend these guys, great work, fast and very customer service oriented, which helped make the situation as painless as possible.” – Rich B., Fairfax, VA – June 6, 2011

“I saw Sean leaving another neighbor's house and flagged him down to ask if he could look at our air conditioner. I explained the problem. He said sure, he would take a look and give me and was sure he could fix it. Voila, in 1/2 hour the stopped up line was clear, he had cleaned the whole area, used a wet-vac for the pan. Everything was spotless and the air conditioner is working great!  He knew I needed help immediately, but he did not overcharge me or price-gouge. He is a very pleasant gentleman, efficient and professional.” – Gail K., Reston, VA - June 23, 2011

“I was referred to AAA Hvac services through a friend and had them fix my ac problem which another company did a horrible job on.  The technician was very thorough and the cost of the service was very reasonable.” - Tracey M., Alexandria, VA – May 11, 2011

“I compared AAA HVAC services estimate to replace my heat pump with a few other companies and they were lower in overall cost and also they did a great job on the installation, I highly recommend them.” – Greg S., Herndon, VA – April 29, 2011

“Called them today because my ac was not working. Got immediate service and was pleased with work done. I would definitely use their services again” – Kevin G., Herndon, VA – May 31, 2011

I hired AAA hvac services to repair my ac a few weeks ago. They were prompt in coming over and assessing the situation. The technician went through in detail what the problem was, why it happened and what the solutions are, which nobody has given me before in past companies I have used. The problem was a small leak in my outdoor ac which was causing warm air to blow throughout the house. It took him about 1 hour to fix the whole problem, then he retested the system and since then have not had any issues. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family and anyone looking for honest and reliable work and not pricey at all compared to other companies I have had work done through. – Sajjid R., Rockville, MD – May 2, 2011

My ac went out in the late evening yesterday and I called a few companies around and couldn’t get service until next day. I spoke to Sean and he came out the same night around 11pm to assess the issue with the ac and found my condenser motor to be dead. So luckily he had one on his truck and was able to replace the motor that night and within an hour we were back on with our ac running normal. You don’t expect service like this unless your under contract but he was nice enough to help us out that night. He did a great job and was pleased overall with the repair and cleanup. Many Thanks! Mir A., Ashburn, VA – July 19, 2011